Stainless Steel Crimped Weave Wire Mesh

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The crimped weave wire mesh has a uniform and precise mesh opening, making it an excellent filtering medium that can effectively separate and filter various solids and liquids.
The crimped weave wire mesh has a high open area that allows airflow and light transmission, making it an ideal material for ventilation, light diffusion, and shading applications.

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Crimped weave mesh is a type of wire mesh that is created by interlocking or nesting crimped wires. The crimping process involves bending the wires at specific intervals, creating a pattern of ridges or waves in the mesh. This pattern adds rigidity and strength to the mesh, making it suitable for various applications.

Crimped wire mesh is woven after the wire has undergone the crimping process.


Crimped Weave Wire Mesh (1)
Crimped Weave Wire Mesh (2)
Crimped Weave Wire Mesh (3)
Crimped Weave Wire Mesh (4)


Material: Stainless Steel Wire; Galvanized Iron Wire and other metal wire.
Wire Thickness: 0.5mm - 5mm
Aperture Size: 1mm - 100mm
Roll Width: 0.5m - 2m
Roll Length: 10m - 30m


Nice appearance with steady and sturdy structure, has good anti-corrosion properties.


1. Screening and filtration: Crimped weave mesh is often used for screening or filtering applications, such as in vibrating screens, sieves, or equipment used in the mining, quarrying, or aggregate industries. The crimped pattern helps to improve the efficiency of screening and filtration processes.

2. Architectural and decorative purposes: Crimped weave mesh can be used to create aesthetic and functional architectural elements, such as facades, room dividers, or decorative screens. The unique texture and pattern of the mesh provide visual interest and can be customized to meet specific design requirements.

3. Security and fencing: The strength and rigidity of crimped weave mesh make it suitable for security applications, such as window or door screens, perimeter fences, or animal enclosures. The mesh provides a barrier while still allowing visibility and airflow.

4. Reinforcement: Crimped weave mesh can be used to reinforce concrete structures, such as walls or pavements, by adding strength and preventing cracks. The mesh is embedded within the concrete to provide structural support.

5. Industrial applications: Crimped weave mesh is used in various industrial processes, including separation or sorting of materials, machine guards, conveyor belt systems, or packaging equipment.

6. Pest control: Crimped weave mesh can be used to keep out insects and pests while allowing ventilation. It is commonly used in agriculture, horticulture, or food processing facilities.

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