Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh for Filters

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Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh is usually used in different industries, such as the supporting layer in hydraulic and air filters, or the insect protection screen.It is primarily woven and coated with top notch epoxy powder by electrostatic spraying process.

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The common materil is Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Epoxy Powder. We offer the colours addcording to your requirements, the usually epoxy coating color is black.

Epoxy wire mesh is made up of individual metal wires that are woven into a mesh pattern. The mesh is then coated with an epoxy resin to provide corrosion resistance. The individual wires can vary in diameter, length, and pattern, depending on the application.

Weaving Method

Plain Weave Wire Mesh 8
Twill Weave Wire Mesh 8
5 Heddle Weave 8

Plain Weave Wire Mesh

Twill Weave Wire Mesh

Five-Heddle Weave Mesh

Dutch plain weave mesh 8
Dutch twill woven mesh 8
Reverse Dutch Wire Mesh 8

Dutch Plain Weave Wire Mesh

Dutch Twill Weave Wire Mesh

Reverse Dutch Wire Mesh


Coating Stability
Easy of pleating
Corrosion resistance
Strong Adhesion
Anti-corrosion and rust
Easy to wash and clean
Compatibility with different hydraulic oil media


Epoxy wire mesh can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the application. In many cases, it is used as a component in a larger structure, such as in frames, cages, and other structural elements. It can also be used as a filter or sieve in filtration and sifting applications.

It is commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors. It is also used in the food and beverage industry for filtration and sifting applications. The mesh is also used in chemical processing, such as in the production of adhesives, resins, and coatings.

Food Processing-14
Energy Sector-5
Chemical Processing-6
Automotive Processing-7

Food Processing

Energy Sector

Chemical Processing


Automotive Processing


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